Alcatel MoveTime WiFi: New Budget Smartwatch on the Way

A few years ago, the French electronics manufacturer Alcatel all surprised so that when he announced his own Smartwatch – the Alcatel watch. Now is a new clock in the pipeline, which relies on the technology that is already used, will get a few new components.

The successor was now 2016 announced within the framework of the IFA – the Alcatel MoveTime WiFi uses the same Operating System and the same heart rate such as the watch, but also comes with WiFi to go a step forward in terms of connectivity. The stylish, rather adult design is the focus, and certainly also the biggest selling point. And although a small part of the original character in the sequel is now not so ausgesprägt, the MoveTime looks quite something mature.

What can the MoveTime WiFi?

A 1.39-inch, 400 x 400 pixel resolution display is now used in the Smartwatch. 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0, which assumes but nowadays a Smartwatch as standard are the inside. According to the manufacturer even microphone and speaker are built-in, so you can make also calls via the coupled smartphones by one speaks in his watch. Although Alcatel continues to put on the same OS is, it got but a small update and is closer in terms of style and interface now Android Wear.

The Alcatel MoveTime WiFi by the end of the month in Europe will be available, when the launch in the United States will take place, is so far still not quite sure. Priced, it is believed that the MoveTime will be not much more expensive than the Alcatel watch which is available depending on the version from 125 euros.