Alcatel MOVE TIME (Track & Talk): Smartwatch and Children Watch Comes from 89.90 euro

The Alcatel brand has the “MOVE TIME” and the “MOVE TIME Track & talk” at the IFA presented two new Smartwatches. While the “MOVE TIME’ normal users is, is designed ‘track & talk” for children.

Unfortunately, Alcatel at the normal Movetime has apparently not Android Wear, but a proprietary software solution. This is especially sad when the price 149,90 EUR she was announced for the narrow purse but actually as a “Budget clock”. After all, can convince the data sheet: resolves the 1.39-inch display with 400 x 400 pixels, you have trust lack 3 g module on the coupled Smartphone if you would like to call on the clock. This is no problem thanks to the speakers and microphone, however. The other functions are confined to what must these days can a Smartwatch: fitness features like pedometer and heart rate sensor, gesture control, reminders, notifications of the Smartphone.

What the name promises

The track & talk is the next generation of the already existing move time, also aimed at children – a sensible naming policy has Alcatel ever not on the box. The 2G-Uhr anyway, does exactly what its name promises: admits the monitoring of the vehicle via GPS and via mobile phone can calls and voice messages sent. A single charge should be sufficient four days. You can also make a review of the health. The track and talk to come for 89,90 euro on the market, so far it is not listed but still on the manufacturer’s website.