Acer: Does a Gaming Smartwatch at the IFA?

This year’s IFA comes to great strides to us and it leak more and more information about new wearables. To the manufacturer so far covered held Acer , what we can expect from him, something about an alleged “gaming Smartwatch” emerges now.

From the biannualen exhibition IFA developed for technical innovations as an important platform for manufacturers, meanwhile also larger presentations are held on the. Last year we saw in Berlin for example the Samsung gear S2 and the second generation of the Motorola Moto 360. This year Samsung will most likely us again a product of gear show S-series, namely the gear S3. The Next ZenWatch will probably come from ASUS , but also Acer wants to play this year.

A wearable, a Smartwatch

The Acer manufacturer headquartered in Taipei has kept out so far almost entirely from the Smartwatch business. Just two fitness wearables can be found in the portfolio, and that the last in spring 2015 was shown. A new wearable to follow this year, but another product, which unhooks from the magazine of DigiTimes in a subordinate clause is interesting: A Smartwatch destined to gamer audience. In the Smartphone and Tablet world, Acer has turned the predator family to this target group, so perhaps the Smartwatch is the logical next step. Source is probably the Chinese newspaper Economic Daily News. 

Acer is said to be planning to unveil a high end smartwatch for the gaming market and a new smart wearable device, the paper noted.

What would you by one such watch keep? Makes sense to gaming on the wrist at all? Still difficult battery life would think of there as the first, which often has to suffer for the benefit of the performance.