A Watch of Apple with IOS Starts to Draw in The Future

Let’s go with a ration of Christmas-tinged rumor that says that as well: Apple and Intel are preparing a watch with iOS. It would be a device with a small screen OLED 1.5 inch similar to the iPod Nano 6 G, but with significantly different functions.

We could say that it would be a device similar to the Sony SmartWatch, based on iOS, but with much more specific functionalities. In principle intended to serve as an accessory from the phone, answer calls and display information on the screen.

The hardware is one of the most striking points. Now that Apple designs and manufactures their own processors rumor indicates an alliance with Intel, It would be responsible for creating this new device CPU. The reasons are uncertain, since priori ARM is postulated as a much more interesting option than the x 86 Intel and, if outside, Apple could build it from scratch and to its full taste.

Some sources give truth to the rumor coming from Chinese tabloids due to the cycle of innovation from Apple: every three years, in Cupertino have a new device: iPhone in 2007 and iPad in 2010 and 2013 would be a new product. However an ‘Advanced’ clock does not seem the most innovative, at least taking into account the SmartWatch of Sony put on the market for months with not much success. It is also true that the features are important, and that reality must be these which truly surprised us. Siri It could be vital in a product like this.

Chinese media indicate that the rumor comes from industry sources and the product will be on the market in the first half of 2013. A rumor that has somewhat strange information (instead of the Apple own Intel) but not have to take to the foot of the letter.