A Survey Suggests That a 10% of The Owners of an IPhone Will Buy a Apple Watch

Apple launches everywhere with his Watch, but what sales do you expect that intelligent clock? Do we speak of thousands or millions? As the buyer must necessarily have an iPhone, UBS has made a survey precisely among those users and found that 10% will “very probably” buy a Apple Watch.

There are several ways of looking at those numbers. Logically to Apple I would love that all those who have an iPhone were also for a Apple Watch… but 10% is not a low figure. It would be tantamount to 24 million units sold and 3,400 million dollars in profit in the first year.

Knowing that last year’s “only” sold 3.3 million of existing ones such as the Fitbit or the Fuel Nike wrist quantifiers, we would be talking about an Apple catapulting the market by his own foot. In addition, the survey also bet by a 2016 in which sales would bend.

We repeat: this is only a poll, made until you know the price and the final availability of the Apple Watch. When it comes to the truth, there may be surprises, but I would say that there are reasons to be optimistic.


The Apple Watch could be a $32 billion business this year …

The Apple Watch could be a $32 billion business this year ...

Source: www.businessinsider.com