8 Best Cities to Study in Australia

Australia belongs to the select group of the 5 exchange destinations most sought after by international students, with more than 300,000 foreign students in their undergraduate and graduate courses, apart from those who seek the country to study English. There are many reasons for this, starting with the fact that the country is home to some of the best universities in the world and enjoys one of the greatest qualities of life on the planet, in addition to having a slightly lower cost of living compared to the United States and to the United Kingdom. But after all, what are the best cities to study in Australia?

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This will certainly be one of your most difficult decisions, considering that the country is full of incredible cities. Remember that studying abroad is not easy, especially if you cannot count on any friends or family members nearby. That is why choosing the right city is a crucial step for you to feel good throughout your experience.

8 best cities to study in Australia

To give you a good idea of ​​what the country has to offer, we have gathered here eight options of incredible cities, each with its own style. We have also identified the best universities in each of them. You can check beside the name of each institution, in parentheses, the position it occupies in the ranking of the best universities in the world at QS World University 2020.


Population: 4.9 million

Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, is considered Australia’s largest university city, home to eight nationally and internationally renowned universities. Of the approximately 300,000 university students there, 100,000 are foreigners.

It is considered one of the best cities in the world to be a student and this is mainly due to its universities: University of Melbourne (38th), Monash University (58th), RMIT University (238th), Deakin University (271th), Swinburne University of Technology ( 383º), La Trobe University (400º), Victoria University (601-650) and University of Divinity.

Melbourne’s climate is also one of its main attractions. Because of its location on Port Phillip Bay, the city is surrounded by valleys and mountains that guarantee pleasant temperatures throughout the year. And unlike others in the country, the four seasons are well defined.

Considered the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne attracts several musical shows, film festivals and other major events, in addition to having several important museums. Getting around the city is also easy, thanks to its integrated public transport system composed of buses, trans and trains.

Melbourne is one of the best cities to study in Australia


Population: 5.4 million

With about 230 thousand university students (about 50 thousand foreigners), Sydney also has a good number of recognized universities and with a special emphasis in the research field. In addition to the University of Sydney (42nd), five other institutions stand out: University of New South Wales (43rd), University of Technology Sydney (140th), Macquarie University (237th), Western Sydney University (468th) and Australian Catholic University (801 -1000).

The capital of the state of New South Wales, Sydney is one of the cities with the best quality of life in the world and, due to its great cultural diversity, it is also one of the most friendly and tolerant in the country. In addition to the famous tourist spots, such as the Opera House, one of its main attractions is its beaches, which attract thousands of tourists every year. Around the city it is also possible to find many natural resources, such as waterfalls, caves and rivers.

It is worth remembering that Sydney is NOT the capital of Australia, as many people think, but it is the main financial and economic center of the country. Because of this, it is the Australian city that attracts the largest number of foreign companies and, consequently, it is also the one that has the greatest offer of job openings and internships. The wages paid there are the highest in the country but, at the same time, we are talking about the city with the highest cost of living in Australia.

Sydney is Australia's most famous city abroad


Population: 395 thousand

Now let’s talk about Australia’s capital, Canberra, which has about 35,000 university students (9,000 foreigners). Most of them are concentrated at the Australian National University (ANU), considered the best higher education institution in the country and the 29th best in the world. ANU is mainly focused on graduate programs and research. Another important institution is the University of Canberra (484º).

Canberra is a planned city with a generally pleasant climate throughout the year and, despite being the country’s capital, it is not so populous, which does not mean that the city lacks good entertainment options, being known mainly for its great restaurants of international cuisine.

In short, Canberra is a good option for those who prefer a calmer lifestyle but without being far from the facilities of urban life.

Canberra, the country's capital


Population: 2.3 million

The state capital of Queensland is the third largest city in Australia and has around 100,000 university students, of which about 22% are foreigners. Brisbane’s primary educational institution is the University of Queensland (47th). Other major universities are Griffith University (320th), James Cook University (377th), University of Southern Queensland (751-800), Australian Catholic University (801-1000) and University of Sunshine Coast.

One of Brisbane’s main attractions is its subtropical climate that guarantees, even in winter, a good dose of sunshine every day. It also has a very efficient public transport system, known especially for the large number of cycle paths.

Another positive point is that, of the cities mentioned so far, Brisbane is the cheapest. In addition, it also has a good offer of jobs and internships, thanks to its good economic development.

Brisbane is one of the best cities to study in Australia


Population: 1.3 million

Adelaide is Australia’s fifth largest city and has around 70,000 university students, of which about 27% (approximately 20,000) are from other countries. The city’s main institutions are the University of Adelaide (106th), the University of South Australia (274th), Flinders University (424th) and Torrens University.

One of Adelaide’s coolest features is its parks and gardens, which make it one of Australia’s greenest cities. It is also possible to mention the famous wineries around the city as a great attraction.

Adelaide's parks are one of its main attractions


Population: 1.9 million

Despite its almost isolated location in Australia, Perth manages to attract many international students, some 35,000 to be exact. The main universities in the city are the University of Western Australia (86th) and Edith Cowan University (651-700).

The bad news is that Perth has the second highest cost of living in the country. On the other hand, it is one of the most economically active Australian cities. That is, finding a job or internship there is not so difficult.

Like Sydney, Perth also has beautiful beaches and sunny weather almost all year round. It is the ideal city for those who like to live in an urban environment, but without leaving nature aside.

Perth is Australia's most isolated large city

Gold Coast

Population: 540 thousand

With 52 kilometers of beaches and 300 sunny days a year, Gold Coast is known mainly for surfing and for its natural attractions, such as waterfalls, national parks, mountains and nature reserves.

However, the city also has good options for universities such as the main campus of Griffith University (320º), Bond University (442º), Central Queensland University (601-650) and Southern Cross University (751-800).

With the exception of Bond University, Gold Coast universities are some of the cheapest in the country. In fact, the general cost of living there is much lower than most major Australian cities.

Gold Coast is famous for its beaches and skyscrapers


Population: 296 thousand

The smallest city on the list, Wollongong has a main university, the University of Wollongong (212th), which has about 27,000 students (10,000 internationally). It also has beautiful beaches and is the ideal destination for those who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle.

Like Canberra, Wollongong is known for its great gastronomic options. The difference is that the prices there are much lower.

Wollongong is ideal for those who enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle