4 Best Communication Schools in the USA

Is your dream to study Journalism, Advertising and Propaganda or any other Communication course in the USA? So we have good news: some of the best schools in this segment in the world are there. Are you interested? Then check out our list of the best Communication colleges in the United States according to QS World University Rankings 2019.

Top 4 Communication Schools in the USA

1st – Stanford University

Journalism has been part of Stanford’s curriculum since 1893. However, in the early 1950s, the university brought together a pioneering community of researchers in Communication and founded the Department of Communication. From there, the department began to emphasize cutting-edge research that could produce not only new ways of looking at things, but practical changes in human life.

Today the department follows a very interdisciplinary grid. The research there covers the fields of Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Economics, in addition to, of course, Communication. Its faculty includes award-winning professionals in Digital Journalism, in addition to former agency heads of the New York Times and the Washington Post, for example. It is no accident that Stanford is home to the best Communication school in the USA!

2nd – University of Southern California (USC)

The USC faculty of communication is called the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Originally founded in 1971, the organization was reorganized in 1994 to include the School of Journalism and the Department of Communication Arts.

Today, USC Annenberg is one of the global leaders in education and scholarship. Its student body consists of approximately 2,300 undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, the faculty has a faculty of world-renowned academics. They are distributed internally among the Communication, Journalism and Public Relations classes at the college.

University of Southern California (USC)

3rd – University of Texas at Austin

At the University of Texas at Austin, the College of Communication is called Moody College of Communication. It was founded in 1899, under the name of Department of Public Speaking. The School of Journalism, in turn, was established in 1914.

Nowadays, the courses offered at the college are Advertising, Public Relations, Communication and Leadership, Communication Sciences, Journalism and Cinema on Television. There, they prioritize the search for bold visions and brilliant solutions that influence the way the world connects.

University of Texas at Austin

4th – University of California (Berkeley – UCB)

The Media Studies course at the University of California, Berkeley, is an interdisciplinary degree program. The faculty of the institution comes from a variety of areas of knowledge. In this way, UCB professors bring perspectives and methods from their respective fields to the analysis of the mass media.

Thus, the course combines traditions of Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science and Journalism with contemporary theory of critical and cultural studies. The main objective of this combination is to analyze and evaluate the role and impact of the media in contemporary times. Students learn to analyze the effects of the media in a unique way. But not only that! They also study how to consider their impact on public policy.

Now you know the best Communication colleges in the USA. Are you ready to fulfill your dream of studying in one of them? Our expert mentoring can help you throughout the process.