10、Take full-length practice tests the week before the test to break down the mystique of the real experience. Learn from your mistakes. It\’s not how much you practice, it\’s how much you get out of the practice.

9、You don\’t have to get every question right to get a great score. 20 questions wrong is roughly a 163, which corresponds to the 90th percentile. Not bad for missing a fifth of the questions. So relax. There\’s no need to panic when faced with difficult material.

8、Dress in layers for maximum comfort, and bring some high-energy natural-sugar food (apples, bananas, nuts) for the break.

7、Don\’t get bogged down in the middle of any section. Don\’t be alarmed if you run across some extra-tough questions at the beginning of the section, especially in Logical Reasoning. It happens. Skip past tough ones and come back to them later. Circle them in the test booklet so you can locate them quickly.

6、Preview the Games and Reading sections before you jump in. The third or fourth game or reading passage could be the easiest one. Take a brief look at all four before you decide where to begin.

5、Don\’t bother trying to figure out which section is unscored. It can\’t help you and you might be wrong. Instead, just determine to do your best on every section. That way, you\’re covered.

4、Pay no attention to people\’s nervous chatter during the break between sections three and four. Everyone else is less prepared and \”test-wise\” than you are. To block them out, bring a portable CD or tape player, a pair of headphones, and tunes that\’ll both pump you up and relax you.

3、Give all five choices a fair shot in Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. For Logic Games, go with the objectively correct answer as soon as you find it and blow off the rest.

2、Take a few minutes now to look back over your preparation experience, and give yourself credit for how far you\’ve come. Allow your confidence to build on itself. Your attitude and outlook are crucial to your test day performance.

1、During the exam, don\’t worry about how you\’re scoring. Focus on the question in front of you and not on what happened last section or what might happen in a later section. Concentrate on each question, each passage, each game. Relax, and take it one question at a time.