1200 Dollars? No, The Apple Watch Gold Can Cost $5,000 According to John Gruber

Many people think that I kidding when I say that Apple Watch Gold may be worth $5,000 or more. I cannot speak more seriously. I made a bet with my friends about what price we would see and I said that it would cost $9999.

So has sunk John Gruber hopes (and current accounts) of applicants to get a Apple Watch Gold. We have gone from having rumors that placed its price around $1,200 and now it turns out that there are bets by 5,000 or even $10,000.

I must say it all: luxury watches now cost that and even more. Just go to the most exclusive as Rolex shop to see how our mortgages would not be enough to get one of their watches. And now we are talking about an accessory made by Apple, gold solid and treated so that it is two times more durable than conventional gold.

349, 999, and $4999 is the range of prices that John Gruber believes that we will have with Apple Watch

Gruber does not stop with the price of Gold Edition: according to the editor of Daring Fireball, $349 model would be the Sport while the chrome standard would cost $999. Here perhaps I’m more disagree, because that much less of the optimum would restrict Apple Watch to a public.

But one thing is clear. Who is going to take that Apple Watch Gold should think that more will be an investment and not a purchase, and certainly will not want to change it as soon as a new generation of watches appear. There are still many doubts in the air, but the truth is that these prices are starting to scare.