Zgpax PW6-B Smartwatch

Chinese clock hands-free, GPS and Wi-fi

Are looking for a watch android / Smartwatch that it has “everything”, and by less than 100,00 euros. Because you can bet on this Chinese clock, that it has nothing to envy to the big manufacturers.

You want to have a phone on your wrist, but with the size of a watch, because you get it with this smartwatch. And also you can have screen touch, camera, GPS, Wifi, can incorporate card SIM, etc.

Although also has its drawbacks: something robust, small to write screen, one day approximate (with different connections), battery life difficulty “catch” GPS in some areas.

But at this price who sports does not have an “all in one”, with the possibility to answer calls, notifications, make photos, music player, etc.

The Watch has built-in Android 4.4. 512 MB of Ram and 4GB of memory. This can operate independently of your phone.


Has almost all (GPS, Wi-Fi, card SIM).

Compatible with iOS and Android.

Competitive price.

Not so good:

✦ Battery low duration of load.

✦ do not let of be a watch Chinese.

It is currently in promotion in colors black and silver, with an approximate amount of €100.00 in this link.