You Can Interact with Your Apple Watch without or Even Touch It

The Digital Crown of the Apple Watch received enough attention during his presentation as a method of interaction perfect for expand the content on a small screen without cover with your fingers, but as we have learned after the publication of WatchKit, their development tools, will not be the only way.

One of the notification types that we can receive in the Apple Watch not even need to touch the clock at all; simply a gesture of wrist.

The thing works more or less like this: feel a notification silently, as a touch in our skin through the Taptic Engine. We raise the doll to see what it is and the screen turns on showing what Apple calls “Short Look”, a view with the app icon, a brief phrase and the name of it. If you hold the doll high long enough, the display will change to a notification “Long Look” with more detailed information.

In the example provided, the app from an airline warns us that we must embark on our flight, and if wait an instant, broad information providing us also both the number of flight time and boarding gate. Without a doubt, a very convenient and natural method using our intelligent clock.