Xiaomi Smartwatch Reviews


The Mi Band 2 is compatible with Android 4.4 (top) and iOS 7.0, whereupon you can also be used with your iPhone.

Adjustable strap length: 155 ~ 210 mm.

The weight of the bracelet does not reach 7 grams, making it you seem like you are not wearing any device on your wrist.

Sensor: ADI military gravity sensor.

Battery 70 mAh (more than 20 days of autonomy).

Bluetooth 4.0 (essential to synchronize).

Perfect fit both boy doll, girl

Functionality of my Band 2

The bracelet of Xiaomi performed probably, features pairs to other wearables. But their quality and price make it one of the best-selling bracelets in the market.

Is a bracelet designed for any type of person that wants to have some control of their activity physical, and of their cycles of dream (an of the best functions). Have a heart rate monitor, improved to the 1S, also it makes interesting for athletes possible. Related: Samsung Smartwatch Windows 95 reviews on Phonecations.com.

With the bracelet can distinguish three important features: collect data from our physical activity; monitor sleep; notices notices of our phone (calls, social networks, mail).

  • With respect to physical activity; We can consult data of: steps performed, distance traveled, calories; establish objectives; and get to know our heart rate. The meter of rhythm heart is more effective and fast that in other versions (also have data newspapers without need of run).
  • The monitor of sleep is the best features of the My Band (both in this and the previous version). With an accuracy that can arrive to “amaze us” pleasantly. We know our hours of sleep, and if this has been light or deep.
  • Receive notifications in our Bracelet. Currently only receive a vibration, and not we can identify that type of “notification” is. An update of my Fit is expected to improve this aspect. From our phone can indicate that apps we will send notifications to our bracelet.

Another of them functions that we like of it my Band, is the alarm smart that us awake “gradually” depending on our type of dream. And on the other hand, the different graphic of data of the application my Fit, where we can check our activity physical daily.


When you receive a notification on your phone, and whenever you have activated Bluetooth, a reminder appears you on the bracelet my Band 2 of the arrival of the notification, a notification icon (Ej Whatsapps, or Facebook). To do this, you must have updated to the latest Firmware, and also your phone has a compatible Android (Android 4.4 or higher) version.

Since the app from my Fit we can define applications that send notifications to us. The possibility of choosing some, all, or none. As well as choosing that notices of incoming calls will have on the bracelet, and if we do not want to be notified by calls from unknown numbers.

Silo wish bracelet can set to notify you only calls and no notifications from applications.

Another advantage of Xiaomi bracelet, if you have a mobile phone of the same brand. Is that you can activate the system of unlock my Band (i.e. release system). With this, if your phone Xiaomi is in the scope of the bracelet, this will unlock automatically.


Differences between Xiaomi my Band and my Band 2

If we skipped version 1S that was my Band with heart rate monitor (had to activate from the phone app), the differences between the two models are the following:

On the external features we can say that the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is slightly heavier and somewhat wider (is normal to have a screen). Specifically these are the measures [Band 2 = 40, 3 × 15, 7 × 10, 5 mm and 7 grams |] [My Band 37 × 13, 6 × 9, 9 mm and 5.5 grams].

In addition, as we have seen, belt also is of higher quality in the Band 2.

Inclusion of screen LED in my Band 2, with what can leave the phone in house and see the data directly in the bracelet, as well as know our beats thanks to the heart rate monitor.

Internally found a 70 mAh battery in Band 2, which allows almost the same duration of load than its predecessor.

The form of load is equal in both bracelets of activity, thanks to its charger itself.

The price, is significantly lower today it first my Band. Although there are that have in has that this is due to aspects as the novelty, and the functions that have described above that has this second version.

Concerning the “collected” and similarity of data, both of our activity physical, as of the monitor’s dream, not there is much discrepancy between both bracelets of activity.

Should you buy the Mi 2 Band?

The first my Band we thought of the best wearables of the market at that price so competitive. If in addition, Add a small screen on this model, and a better heart-rate monitor seems that this bracelet can be a serious candidate for the year device.

Light, functional, easy to use, and also at a good price. You can request more to a device of this type? Perhaps some improvement on the issue of notifications; otherwise this bracelet of Xiaomi is touching the outstanding.