Xiaomi my Band – Cheap and Functional Wristwatches

We have spoken previously the bracelet intelligent Xiaomi my Band .

This bracelet we surprised by its utility, efficiency, comfort and low price (not comes to them 20.00€).

My Band bracelet features include your meter’s dream, and the data of our physical activity during the day.

The data that gives us our physical activity can consult them daily, weekly, or monthly. Some of these data are: distance traveled, time, distance, calories,…

But the most surprising of this bracelet is your meter’s dream, which has a high accuracy. In addition to tell us the hours of sleep, also divides it in between the light, deep sleep and when each of this has occurred.

If you’ve failed to convince even, I can tell you that your battery lasts almost a month without recharging.

You can find it bracelet my Band in Amazon by 19.90€ price approx..

Important A few months ago we have a version improved intelligent Xiami bracelet, is My Band 1S with heart rate monitor.

Their design and appearance is equal that the version previous (can find it in five colors different), so only the battery hard something less. But for those who want to have more data on their physical activity, heart rate monitor will be a great improvement.

Can buy it my Band 1S in Amazon | 36,99€.