Xiaomi Mi 2 Smart Watches

Pros: ★ Compatible with iOS and Android ★ best price ★ easy of use and very functional ★ duration battery (up to 20 days)

Cons: ✢ inability to answer notifications and calls ✢ can find more complete wearables

If a wearable device has revolutionized the market of activity bracelets, this was the Band my Xiaomi (first version). Xiaomi previous model with a low price and enough functionality contributed to that thousands of users are placed, for the first time, a wearable on her wrists. Now, has arrived the Xiaomi my Band 2, you have all about it after try it during several days.

On this occasion the Chinese manufacturer brings us the second version of its smart bracelet my Band (if you skip the 1S version of the My Band).

The great difference between this model and its version earlier, is located, in that in this occasion have a screen touch where to check our advances in it activity physical, u others parameters e indicators. More later will propose a comparison between both models. See Investtops.com for how to choose smartwatches.

Continue taking with this model, a good compatibility with iOS and Android, and a battery with autonomy of more than 20 days.

We want to thank Igogo the possibility of analyzing the Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Design and characteristics of Xiaomi my Band 2

The size, the form, and their features are very similar to the previous version of the bracelet of Xiaomi.

Continue counting with three parts to complete the product:

Capsule: Where are located all the components of the device, and that in this occasion has screen touch.

The belt: This is easily separated from ‘capsule’ to carry the burden of the bracelet. Is made of silicone, and is perfectly suited to your wrist with a simple lock.

The charger: As in the previous version, we have a “special” charger to charge our bracelet. In an end with a charger usb and in the other, a system of two pins to insert the capsule of the bracelet.



The bracelet my Band 2 has a design simple, comfortable and resistant.

In this version we have a screen OLED 0.42 “, that allows us to know, at the moment, different data collecting bracelet.”

At the bottom of the screen, we have a digital button that serves as “Navigator” different data (data to show them set up previously in the app).

Although seems something “silly”, an of them improvements that we like, is that can see the time in the screen OLED. Simply turn the doll, and the bracelet us teaches the hour…

Has certified IP67 resistant to the powder and to the water (by caution, not you recommend that you swimming with her in pools or sea).

With a simple natural twist of our wrist, the bracelet will be activated for time, also is activated by pressing the browser button.

To the be a screen OLED not have much problem of see the screen in different degrees of brightness. Perhaps so only, if have much light of the Sun, can have some difficulty in appreciating these data. As a result, the consumption of the battery on the screen is minimal.