Xiaomi Amazfit Buy: Smartwatch by Xiaomi – Now Inform

A major announcement casts its shadow. Xiaomi will also go into the business of Smartwatches. The Xiaomi Amazfit will be a Smartwatch, which wants to compete with others. Currently, it is still not much known, but if that changes, you can let inform you without obligation.

What is to be expected

The Xiaomi Amazfit will be a Smartwatch, which should be interesting especially for athletes. Xiaomi has already made experiences with fitness bracelets how band and the MI band 2. in this regard is the MI not to fear, that at least the basics will incorrectly fail. It is already known that the Smartwatch will have a round dial. In addition she will measure the pulse.

Thanks to GPS in real time the accumulated distance measurement is recorded more accurately than ever before. Also you can display itself, where it went down. It is coupled via Bluetooth with your phone.

Be informed for further information

The Xiaomi Amazfit is currently not yet announced, accordingly, there is not much information. The online mail order Gearbest but offers a service with the you you can be informed if something changes it. When you you for it, you will get an email as soon as more information is known.