WristWhirl: The Smartwatch Is Controlled by Gestures

Successful U.S. computer scientists at Dartmouth College (New Hampshire), to build a prototype of the Smartwatch, recording the gestures of the joint, on the Smartwatch is located, thus to allow the Smartwatch without to use second hand.

Who is in possession of a Smartwatch, knows the situation in which you need a third hand. Can for example don’t need to turn off the shopping bag, so that certain data on the watch are obtained or entered.

Movements are scanned by sensors

A piezo vibration sensor fitted in the bracelet, as well as twelve infrared proximity sensors allow the wearer commands using hand gestures from the wrist out on the clock to transfer. If the holder of the WristWhirl compresses your thumb and forefinger, the whole thing is recorded by the vibration sensor, at the same time, this is the signal that starts a gesture. Then, the movements of the hand of the proximity sensors are recorded and shown on the Smartwatch display. Thus it is possible strokes, to recognize but also more complex shapes such as triangles, lined with the hand in the air, then on the Arduino-based Smartwatch can evaluate at this.

First subjects were allowed to try out different scenarios in test series in which WristWhirl had to be controlled with just one hand. These maps were established for example for Google gestures as shortcuts, to move the cropping or zooming to enable. Games like the classic tetris could also hand on the Smartwatch played or a music player only be controlled by gestures.