What’s New with Smartwatch for Late Summer (2016)

There are many readers of this website, interested in the evolution and new news from the smartwatches. While we realize come Christmas, and little by little, manufacturers are encouraged to present their innovations for those dates.

After a small break, for news of them large brands, seems that the thing is encouraged.

Manufacturers like Xiaomi or Samsung are preparing new models face next Christmas. But not are the unique, then you bring some new devices that can appear in few weeks in the market of the wearables.

Selection of the best smartwatches / watches smart of the 2016

Xiaomi my Watch, at a price more high of the expected

This is one of the smartwatch is having more expectations, in terms of the market.

Xiaomi is characterized by devices of great quality, functionality, and prices very competitive (you can read our review of Xiaomi my Band 2 ) ).

For now, it is known that My Watch, will be a smart watch focused on athletes. We imagine a model similar to the Bike 360 Sport, with GPS, heart rate monitor, and resistance to dust and water.

I thought about the possibility of a clock less than €100, but the various information point that you exceed this limit. The doubts are probably cleared at the beginning of September, which is the date scheduled for their marketing.

Samsung GEAR S3, confirmed for IFA 2016

IFA is one of the most important technology fairs in the world. Samsung has exploited the proximity of the event to “launch” the probe of the next appearance of the third generation of watches smart.

The 31 of August will be the date chosen to present in society the features of the new Samsung Gear S3.

For now, know that you still have a spherical shape, and will include the Rotary bezel; even that the screen will be something more large that the previous model.

Unknown device sensors with accuracy, but will “almost” all available on the current watches.

The price is still unknown, although rumored to be somewhat lower than the price of the S2 Gear, what would cause this or is out of the market, or that considerably lower its price.

This is the Tweet that Samsung launches the new S3 Gear promotion

Stay tuned for a timely innovation. August 31. Berlin. pic.twitter.com/kUMG3l6BEs

-Samsung Mobile (@SamsungMobile) August 15, 2016