What You More Tea like Apple Watch and Why? The Question of The Week

Today is Monday and although it seems one somebody, for many it is the beginning of classes or as he is popularly, the back to school, both for those who go to study, such as having to carry that van. But not everything is bad news because Monday also have our question of the week.

As you know, this is the place where you ask specifically about any topic and this week could not go on other than the Apple Watch, the new Apple device that has received so much praise as criticism. Whether you are a group of other here have the questions so that you can go to you in our section answers:

What they most like Apple Watch and why?

The question of the week

Last week I also wondered about the Apple Watch but we did not know what was going to be Apple. More specifically, the question was what thought that it should be the Apple wearable to be a product revolucioanrio. The answer most valued by you has been the of tonipower that he responded with a bit of sarcasm (and ended up being wrong as most of us):

(I) in front of the name!!!

Our reader lamoso He had the second best valued answer and be expanded a little more, asking for some things that finally met and others who remained halfway.

In my opinion, mainly 2 things: 1 – that is “beautiful” and that looks like a clock.
Any apple device is nice, even just to look at it. The imac, the macbook air, Mac Pro to have revolutionary designs and are lovely (Yes, there has been a lot of banter with the mac pro, but it is still an incredible for a computer design) 2 – that is actually useful. And for me, that not only passes through it to vibrate when you receive a phone call or because you can “pay with it”, but that it must be largely independent of the phone, and have great acceptance among athletes.
This means that you would have to have built-in GPS, to be able to run applications as “Runtastic” and the like, and be an mp3 player (headset bluetooth?)
Because if every time you go to run, we will need to carry the iphone in a bracelet, which noses provides clock?

There are many more interesting answers so if you want to make a return to the past take a look at the question and you will see that most would not so misguided about what finally arose.

Now it is up to you answer section answers asked this week. In seven days we’ll see the most interesting answers!