What is a Smart Watch?

Now there is a multifunction tool that allows communication, entertainment and even fitness.

Now the phone is called smartphones, is the clock once it becomes “smart watch”, or is no longer just a watch (watch in English) but a lot more.
This is one of the accessories that we have always with us, even more in touch with a phone, and after becoming a cult object for precious materials, design and functions exclusively related to the… time, it has now become a complement for communication and other daily utilities.

No one would have imagined being able to have the wrist a tool that helps us to practice fitness, being in touch with friends, get information about who has sought us out, listen to music, play games and much more.

And then we know more about other smart watch.

What is a smart watch?

According to http://www.tucsonsmartwatches.com/best/running-smart-watch/, a smart watch is a watch that has not only the simple timekeeping functionality and information related to time or altitude and depth. If years ago to have a clock which also provided this information meant having an extremely advanced tool, now it appears to be extremely trivial notions.

With smart watch you have on hand a number of features and tools included in a watch that come close to a real heart rate monitor. All have the touch screen as that of smartphones to control and better manage the various features.

Primary uses

The smart watch most common offer the possibility to listen to radio and music, like any digital players, putting almost MP3 players retired.

A second and very common feature is that the heart rate monitor, or the smart watch monitors various vital parameters during sports workouts.

But we come to the uses of mobility: in addition to including voice capabilities, or you can also answer the phone “diverted” the smart watch, you can also receive text messages , the messages Whatsapp, voice messages, the email notifications and also enjoy some app linked to the movement, sport and many other activities

The best known

Surely we started talking about smart watch with Apple Watch and to its media echo chamber, but before him there were already arrived others. Now that the house of the apple is pointing to the aesthetic design, many other brands you are unleashing in improving functionality and aesthetics. Casio in the top of wrist technology manufacturer has a series of smart watch sports a lot of G-Shock line but also lines most elegant. In the world of watches also Samsung has included with GearS2 tying him to his phones and also using prestigious designs for some series and even Sony, electronics leader who is adept and has already reached the number 3 of its smart watch. Other brands are LG, ranging from elegant to sporty and even Huawei that the experience of the phone makes its way now in the wrist technology.

Buying Tips

Evaluated first if you really need a smart watch, it is a real expensive gadgets (from 200 € to rise), or it is not strictly necessary because if you already do sports, and if you listen to digital music will already be equipped with heart rate monitor and player for listening music.

But if you cannot resist there is no real top, everyone has better functionality in some fields and other different characteristics. You can also overdo it, if what Apple will seem expensive, Monblanc has created one for the modest sum of 3,000 €.