What Can Teach Us The 1.0 Versions of The Products Apple about Apple Watch

It’s been over one week since we saw the new Apple product: the Apple Watch. Has reached a point where the We have several categories that were new at the time for Apple and which can search for patterns or learn some lessons. Perhaps so we can better understand what is Apple Watch and towards who addressed this product.

Today we are going to look back and look at the releases of the iPod, iPhone and iPad. His first models, progress and shortcomings that were in addition to the reception between the public and competition.

iPod, the first adventure outside the umbrella of the Mac

Apple invited the press to an event that was the standard at the end of 2001. After a few minutes, Steve Jobs was taken literally Pocket the player that his company had been working: the iPod. He accompanied the gesture with the now legendary phrase of “1,000 songs in your Pocket”.

Contrary to what is intended, the iPod was not an immediate sales success. Moreover, took him about 4 years “exploit” in sales and become a mass product. Some of the reasons that explain their slow progress were its high price, Firewire connectivity, and the fact that iTunes (required to manage and purchase music) was a program for Mac. These drawbacks were filed over time. The price fell and the range opened, joined the 30-pin connector and USB connections and iTunes won a version for Windows at the end of 2003.

But the strangest thing of all was the divided public reaction that followed the launch. Applesfera still did not exist back then, so you have to look at what was said on MacRumors that day:

  • “Expected me something more”.
  • “Great, just what the world needs, another cursed MP3”.
  • “I can’t believe you me! All this hype for something so ridiculous?”

Few understood to an Apple out of its pot

But of course there were reviews praising the product. The competition did not begin to pay attention until after a few years, when his success had no reverse gear. Many had hoped that Microsoft break into the MP3 market and thus made with Zune. The problem is that It took 5 years to submit its proposal, to give you the kick another 5 years after birth.

The iPod ended up suffering a slow death but not hands of competition but of its own creator. Apple has discontinued the iPod Classic from a few days ago and the future of this range is uncertain.

The original iPhone that unleashed a storm

The famous ‘three devices in one’ phrase uttered by Jobs on the stage ended up unleashing the laughter of the audience. I think it is the keynote that most wowed the public, Since it was the first time that showed the scroll with the inertia of the iPhone. Here, in Applesfera we told you how it was to have this device every day.

However, as Pedro Aznar highlighted in this article, the original iPhone had shortcomings. Some so flagrant as the absence of MMS, video recording or the restrictions on the bluetooth. But it did not prevent that everyone forgot that to see a so revolutionary interface mounted on the iPhone multitouch technology.

Its true impact did not begin to be felt until a year later, when Apple introduced the App Store and introduced the ability to download third-party software. In addition, many drawbacks of the first generation were solved.

Apple claimed to be skating to where the album was going to be, not where it was now. That’s why competitors like HTC now they suffered a genuine internal panic attack. They thought that the existence of a screen as well without a processor that devour battery was impossible. His surprise was even greater when they disarmed one of these terminals and saw how it was basically “a tiny logic board stuck to a battery”.

The old guard of the smartphone then was widely surpassed by the original iPhone causing an earthquake in the industry.

The iPad, the tablet market drive

A distinct presentation was that of the Apple tablet. The reception of the specialist press was not positive and that disappointed the own Jobs, even with Jony Ive. Media and technology lovers are played in point out its shortcomings: without USB, flash, GPS (only in version 3G), multitasking, camera, HDMI, and keyboard. Without seeing what was what brought: a very quick and intuitive operating system on a huge screen.

Nevertheless, the market decided to vote Yes to the iPad. Almost 15 million units in the first year, sold 5 times more than it had promised analysts. In addition some of its initial problems as multitasking with update of iOS or cameras fixed on its next generation.

His beginnings were not easy, but eventually everyone demonstrating the validity of this new platform. Even Microsoft decided to adapt his famous office to this format suite. Though it is recently going through a slump in sales that could be explained by the cycles of renewal of the iPad. One reason why many come back to question the existence of this format, pointing out all the things that still missing.

Apple Watch, for developers and the world of fashion

We arrived at Apple Watch, the first product of the Cook era. All eyes are on it since many believe that it will be the ultimate test on whether innovation is still alive in Cupertino. The company has fueled the hype for this product to levels never seen calling a historical product. A category that inaugurates a new stage the future of Apple.

The presentation where he saw light Apple clock seemed rather a WWDC 2.0. Once they had finished talking about the new iPhones and Apple Pay, changed the registration of the keynote. Cook and company They seemed to be talking to the developers and the dozens of journalists from fashion that you attended the event, not for the enthusiastic audience of technology. They accompanied the event with an SDK and an own App Store so developers heat engines.

In my opinion, the smartwatches have yet to prove its raison d ‘ être. It may be because it is the first device of the Californian company that your appearance and design are more important than your utility. So are the jewelry and watchmaking. Goods purchased precisely because they are expensive.

Are we the target audience of Apple Watch?

However, technology enthusiasts should assume that maybe we are not the target audience of this device. While we discussed us in arguments about your battery life, its extremely high price, its lack of GPS or need an iPhone for some functionality, the true target audience will see the Watch so it is, not by what is missing. The same happened with the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

If there is something that Apple has shown is that they make products for the regular consumer. A client type very different from us, which we read technology blogs. Skate to where it will be disk, not to where it is now. That we do not understand this product doesn’t mean that nobody else is able to see its appeal. The luxury market that wants to get Apple works in a completely different way to what we are accustomed. Just seen a portion of the plans of the Watch, it will take its arrival on the market to view the entire.