What Can Improve the Q1 Watch

There are some things that have not liked much of the Finow Q1.

On the one hand, 400mAh battery consumption. As you put to tinker and to activate GPS, Wi-Fi, etc… in some hours you have consumed the battery. The clock is indicating the percentage of battery that is left in each moment by what does not catch you by surprise.

To relieve this eventuality, Finow brings us a Wireless charger best we tested (their imams are quite powerful). In less than an hour you can have your smartwatch loaded to the 100%.

The major drawback is moving from screen back, especially when you are in the setting. Not having a button to navigate backward, this Act is made moving the screen from top to bottom (at least we have not discovered otherwise). In some occasions there is that try it several times, since not passed to the window main. In the worst case, there to do a reset to go back.

Solution – passing of screen: after tinkering and play, have found that to move to the previous screen (go back), you move your finger from the top all the way down. Of this form you’ll move to the screen above with ease.

Why should of buy the Finow Q1

As Android clock seems to us the best thanks to its features, and its speed of action thanks to the powerful processor.

Also is compatible both with iOS, as with Android.

Remember that can be completely independent of your phone, if you include a card SIM, and have connectivity 3 G (Network type: GSM + WCDMA), more Wi-Fi.

In addition, you can listen music, measure your steps, and even play to different games of Google Play (including Pokemon Go )).

Last comment that you can pick up both the Finow Q1 in black, silver, price € 77,00.