What Are the Watch Trends for the Summer?

As much as cell phones and smartphones are in everyone’s hands, watches are accessories that do not fall into disuse. To some they are just another possibility of combination with clothes or with the occasion; others, even though they have the smartphone in their pocket, do not give up looking at the hours on their wristwatches.

What Are the Watch Trends for the Summer

With summer coming and high season, how do you know which watch to use? Here we separate the trends for the season. Check out!

Watches large, very large

The first tendency to be emphasized is the size of the watch. In summer, the bigger the better. Square, round or rectangular, no matter what the format: what can not be followed is the size, which will make the accessory a prominent piece for both men and women.

Various colors

In the summer the watches follow the same tendency of the clothes and other accessories, that is, quite colorful. Orange, blue, yellow, green, purple and various other colors: summer is the ideal time to get them out of the closet. A great indication of a colorful watch for you to stay fashionable in the summer is the Color Block watch .

Women, enjoy to combine with handbags, shoes, sandals, accessories like bracelets and clothes, because summer is the season of colors. Men, use the colors of these accessories to break the basics a bit, this is the time to be different.

But be very careful: wearing a flashy look does not mean wearing a color carnival. Try to be fashionable and to combine colors in a pleasant way.

Classic always trendy

If you’re one of those people who do not like flashy colors, do not worry: the classics never go out of style. But in the case of these watches, use those in the white coloration. In the hot season, whites always stand out.

Water Resistant

It is not exactly a trend, but it is an important point that must be taken into account. Summer refers to beaches, swimming pools, waterfalls and sea. Therefore, it is important to opt for a watch that is waterproof. With that the risk of spoiling it in these places will be minimal.

Another good option also are the dive watches , especially if you plan to opt for summer holidays with a bit more adventure!

Plastic instead of leather

The colors usually follow this pattern, being made with plastic bracelets and not leather. But if there are both options, always choose the plastic. Leather dries and can ruin; the plastic is more resilient and, in case of damages, the cost for the replacement of the bracelet is quite inferior when compared with models made of leather.

Get ready and enjoy the hottest season of the year. Regardless of your choice for colors – that is, it does not matter if you prefer white or colored – the bet of summer is on big timepieces and fashions!

Summer is the season of playing sports and having fun, and there is always the risk of something happening with your watch. So choose your model well and check out the 5 reasons to have a guaranteed watch , so you can enjoy your holiday in peace!