Wear Turned on the Clock?

Android on your wrist? The Smartwatch OS Android wear is used on almost every Smartwatch and offers all of the Google services. CHIP online shows what has Android wear on it and how you use the system perfectly.
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Android wear brings the functionality of Smartphone application Google now on your wrist. Through the continuous networking via Bluetooth, the Smartwatch is to the practical second screen – the Smartphone is so increasingly in the Pocket. The establishment of the system is done quickly, but first need the app Android wear. Enable on your Smartphone Bluetooth and open the application. Once the devices have recognized, by entering the number combination displayed on the clock in your phone to perform pairing. Current Smartwatches with the Android wear are, for example, that Sony Smartwatch 3, the ASUS Zenwatch or that Motorola Moto 360.
Hint: Should your Smartwatch is not connect with your mobile phone, try to reset the clock again and reconnect. Basically, wear with all smartphones that have at least Android 4.3 is compatible.

Android wear: use voice control

By default, Android-wear-Smartwatches display all notifications from the phone on the touch screen. Like at Google now spin a some notifications depending on time of day and location. To interact with the news, you give various commands via Google voice control clock – about “XY call on the phone” or “Do me navigate from here to place X”. Numerous Voice commands are possible. In the meantime, you can answer even WhatsApp messages with Android wear.

Android wear:extend features

Still, Android wear is not completely mature in terms of operation and functionality. In the Google play store established but at least a separate section for Android wear enabled apps, in which more than 100 Smartwatch apps are listed. Particularly exciting are applications such as Tasker or AutoVoice, that part drill out existing features.
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Android wear:lollipop update rocks

With the Android update to version, 5.0 lollipop has further upgraded his Smartwatch OS to Google. Newin is a security feature that can restore recently deleted cards again. In addition, you can now selectively block alerts. Beautiful:The pull-down menu stays permanently blinded and houses, for example, the new cinema mode. Which prevents that the display of the clock comes on unintentionally. So, you spared in the cinema from evil eyes from the rear Bank. The system supports Watchfaces of third-party and the Wear-Android app create now screenshots or evaluate the battery consumption. Speaking of battery: this will keep much longer with the new version.