Wear Dialer: Make Calls Directly from the Android Smartwatch

Answering calls with an Android Smartwatch is no problem. It’s not so easy, however, run a call directly on the watch on the wrist. The Android-Wearsystem makes no one-size-fits-all solution, developers have found now a solution to this problem.

The free app named Wear Dialer does exactly what the name says. Using the app, it is a call on the select application, the call history or your contact list easily possible. However, this is not the only peculiarity of your mobile application.

Further extras as in-app purchase

There are a lot of additional functions, these can be unlocked by paying $ 2. After successful activation the advanced features such as up mode, change the color scheme, the speaker mode quickly to enable the use of contact images and much more. The app is that on the Smartwatch Android wear 1.3 and on the Smartphone Android 4.3 or higher running.

A list of compatible Smartwatch models.

  • Motorola 360 (all versions)
  • LG G watch R
  • LG G watch
  • LG watch urban (all versions)
  • Sony Smartwatch 3
  • Samsung Gear live
  • ASUS ZenWatch (all versions)
  • Huawei Watch W1
  • TAG Heuer Connected
  • Casio smart outdoor watch
  • Fossil Q (founder, Marshal and hiking)
  • MK access
  • Nixon the mission