Watches from The Collection “Les Ardentes” of Louis Vuitton

In his splendid collection “Les Ardentes”, Louis Vuitton unveils its new models of watches. This series puts in scene the stylized flower of the Monogram Louis Vuitton through a spectacular embroidery diamonds polished, set on a spheres floral, removable, capable of transforming these jewelry in authentic camouflaged watches.

For the design, preparation and implementation of a new size He played the mongrama of the firm it was necessary that they transcurriesen three years; but, today, the carvings”Flower Cut” y “Star Cut”that contain respectively sixty and five and sixty-seven facets, have already been patented by the firm Louis Vuitton, and used in the preparation of his latest collection of watches.

It’s a real milestone with regard to the history of diamonds since, although to date, many were the type of existing sizes)Princess, cushion, heart, PEAR, Marquise, etc.), two new carvings designed by Louis Vuitton get the splendor and beauty of this stone of eternity to transcend permanently.

The collection “Les Ardentes” of Louis Vuitton watches you will find that more than one, raise you the temperature!