Watch Trends: Men Wear on the Left Or Right Wrist

Chic watches are the rage and surprise every man under the Christmas tree. Previously, the clock is considered appropriate, but already she is far more than a timepiece. What watch trends determine next year and like a true gentleman wearing the must-have accessory, please click here.

Watches on the wrist: A status symbol!

Without a wrist watch, many men are not attracted. The clock should going with fashion and fit to the outfit. Like the car, a fine watch is a real status symbol for men. Watches cars are not so dissimilar: along with the fashionable design, complex and high-quality engineering is waiting inside.

Men feel as owner of this chic piece and love the little engineering marvel on her arm. The brand men is not quite so important. The clock must be first and foremost to them fit and a catcher. You are guaranteed correct with the following trends for the coming year.

The watch trends 2015

Gold is Trump: next year put men back on gold watches. These combine ideal with an Business Outfit or a noble look for the evening. Men it is important that the watch is high quality and ideally nestled on the wrist,.

The piece of jewelry must be this quiet slightly heavier and made of precious metal. Silicone wristbands are another trend, as these are extremely comfortable to wear. The colorful diversity fits perfect in the leisure or a sporty outfit.

In terms of colours, men have the choice. Whether black and white or bright bracelets – carried what I like. Small Tip: Create a watch collection is, to choose the right timepiece for any occasions, business meetings or family celebrations.

Robust timepiece for active

The outdoor area is becoming increasingly important, but also in the jewelry industry not only for leisure. Active men want a rugged watch, which makes every trip to rock climbing or mountain biking.

Manufacturers are therefore increasingly on so-called offroad watches that impress with comfort. There are typically helpful features on board, such as a built-in stopwatch or a heart rate monitor.

Left or right on your wrist?

Whether you wear the watch now, right or left, is completely irrelevant. It is important that the strap fits well. The old rule that wrist watches must be worn on the left wrist, is long since obsolete. Men should make sure that the clock has no sharp metal, to prevent pinching a nerve.

Jewelry underlines the individuality

Accessories for men are enjoying for years of increasing popularity. Leather bracelet or ring: men like to put accents that highlight your outfit. Man jewelry is limited to any particular age group.

It is important that the accessories to the person fit and emphasize the character. Like when the fashion is the feel-good factor in the first place. Use jewelry sparingly as a gentleman to work not to overload. Classics like a fine fashion watch at Computerannals, men can wear also bracelets. The materials are dominated by leather, Matt stainless steel, or natural materials.

What watches are suitable as gifts for men?
A watch says something about the personality of the wearer. Most men can appreciate this a well and select the watch appropriate to – but this is not all men. Therefore a Council to the Lady: you give away a beautiful watch that reflects the personality of the loved one, father or Granddad’s for example for Christmas or birthday.

Last but not least: Knigge-rule for the mens watch

A clock reflects often the professional status of a man. Therefore select the type of clock to your profession. An intern would be certainly Patek Philippe and Omega on a genuine Rolex, since this can impact quickly unlikeable and arrogant.

A business leader, however, is running with a cheap plastic watch in the Office because it does not match its stand. There, a luxury watch is the better choice. The design and color of the clock is extremely important not to destroy a business outfit.

The band should fit for example to the belt and shoes. If you are an artist or designer, the watch can be somewhat unusual. Neon colors or a huge dial are go no no at this point. Generally, you should exhibit beeps on watches, because this can quickly annoying work in the Office.