Watch the World’s 25 Classics – Bulgari/Diagono

In our article series on watch world’s 25 real classics, so far we have looked at three lyxstålsportur signed Gerald Genta. However, many forget the Captain more elegant and glamorous models as the many variations of the Omega Constellation, Universal Genève Polerouter and this week’s classic, Bulgari-Bulgari.

Sotirios Lakes was a Greek goldsmith and jeweller who came to Rome, 1881 He changed the spelling of his last name soon to the more italienskklingande Bulgari and started in 1884 the firm with the same name. The mark was at the beginning of the twentieth century is known for its jewelry combining Greek with Roman style and shop on Via dei Condotti attracted Europe’s beautiful and famous.

Back in the 20 ‘s, Bulgari make watches, reported by And in the 1930s came the winding bracelet Serpenti even in a klockvariant, which was re-released in 2009 when the company celebrated its 125-year anniversary. The real classic in the range that put the firm on the map is the unabashed, simple yet elegant Bulgari-Bulgari, which is characterised by its straight and geometrical style. Gerald Genta was roasting in the mid-seventies, after having drawn including the Royal Oak got Genta 1975 commissioned to make a watch at Bulgari that would go to the brand’s most valued clients. The result was a luxury Digital Watch (remember, this was in digitalklockans childhood!) with round case with text “BVLGARI ROMA” on glass ring. The design became hugely popular and 1977 came the production model Bvlgari-Bvlgari in same stuk; round case, flat glasring with tag clearly engraved twice and thin, straight bandhorn. Popularity did that the watch came in several varieties–both different sizes materials where a special edition in black plastic and gold is the most sought after among collectors.

Exploded View, Diagono X-Pro.

The style of Bulgari-Bulgari succéartat launched continued to be used in many other models that were released during the 80-and 90-century and both sports which kostymklockor was based on the simple design with circular dial and mark clearly expressed. Bulgari Italian ambition to challenge with new materials and combinations of these, for example, is evident in the 1990 ‘s model Aluminum which is made of material with the same name and fitted with both glasring as articulated band of rubber. The same type of tape were on diving at Scuba, which come in several varieties which of course is the italotypiska combination of burnished gold and black rubber that is the most characteristic. Nowadays, all watches based on Captain original design grouped into model series Diagono, which in recent years has developed not least technical with a series of own movements, refined design and finish and advanced Sport Watches that Diagono X-Pro.

Bulgari in General, and Bulgari-Bulgari Diagono/in particular, is not for everyone. Just like other brands with background and profile as jewelry manufacturers (such as Cartier and Chopard) is considered to be firm at times with a certain, quite unwarranted, scepticism in Sweden is considered the above brands quite often as a little too glamorous and flashy (nicknamed “Vulgari” is not taken out of thin air …), which makes it unusual to see some of the beautiful Diagonoklockorna on the town. South of the Alps, it is a completely different thing–at least not Italians love their Mediterranean glamorous Bulgari and probably you need a healthy Tan, very confidence and not least-distance to carry up the model of Justice.

A little ironic is it maybe that there is Bulgari, which got a big boost up by Gerald Calina genius, who bought Captain self-titled company and in the same way as mark made with Daniel Roth inline model Octo in its model range. Any Bulgari was named “Watch of the year” for 2010-a good recognition for the Captain’s own watches, which has always been clear in terms of opinion the watershed of klockintresserade.

Bulgari LCD

Diagono CAL. 303

Diagono Moonphase

Diagono Titanium

Diagono X-Pro

Gerald Genta Octo Bi-Retro