Watch ImWatch, Socket Contact (With Video)

We returned, exhausted, Las Vegas Convention Center hotel road when passing by the Venetian, we discovered the Italians stand imWatch. As you know, this company is a data Assistant personal shaped clock that we believed responsible for vaporware. Not really. imWatch It exists, is real, and we’ve tried it.

The concept of imWatch is not new. It’s a clock with adapted Android OS that is synchronized with your smartphone via Bluetooth to provide quick and easy access to Facebook or Twitter updates, at the time, email, music and, of course at the time.

The truth is that the device has a great look, with a screen of 1.54 inches and 240 × 240 pixels (220 pixel density). The screen is bright and agile and comfortable interface. Its creators have no concealment to recognize that it is ‘based on the iPhone’.

One of the main advantages of imWatch is that it is universally compatible with bluetooth devices, have the operating system you have, from IOS to Android to Blackberry, windows Phone or Bada.

Endowed of 4GB internal memory for music, the device offers a small speaker and take headphones. Their main problems are two: the first is an exorbitant price that part of the 249 EUR until the 15,000 versions of fine jewelry.

The second problem is one battery lasting just 24 hours with active bluetooth. Quite a few devices need to load already on this CES 2012 to take care of one more. However, its management liked us and here we teach you in video.