Vintage Casio Watches

When everyone thought that trends had already passé appears this: the typical vintage Casio watch or metallic gold. At first glance it is almost imperceptible, but when ten people at a meeting worn on the wrist the same article must begin to wonder. And so was born the delicate “issue Casio”.

Apparently, these watches that most trashed in the early nineties, are the new cult object for modern hipsters locals who, as you can already imagine, copied the idea of the oldest hipsters Yorkers and Europeans. In Free Market is a kind of furor made of one of these little clocks of the digital stone age. They say they have no less simple and useful quality to give more or less accurately time (depending on the battery). A $ 350 cost, a bargain compared to new models of steel or titanium or other ultra – resistant materials. According to, the Casio is “water proof” yes and some even bring calculator.

Internet outside must resort to the old watchmaker where there is still some “unity”. Eye, there are also local, as Trippin in Palermo, who already exhibits. The “question Casio” is a topic of debate in some tables. There are those who despise Artie ruse to appeal to retro at any price and others say less often actually hallucinate with that modern-old design. These are the silent not receive uncomfortable questions. But so low, confidential plan, recognize that price is less; also related it with your time accurately; Nor it has to do with loyalty to the brand Casio … So? “Well, nothing,” he summarized.


Well retro, all gold and silver

Behind the phenomenon of these watches are hipsters (modern) New York, which began to show off as a sensitive nod to the classic objects of the eighties. In Spain, for example, the well-known sports journalist Sara Carbonero madness unleashed by the Casio after appearing on camera with the golden model. The brand returned to manufacture, but in fluorescent colors and plastic strap.