UW1 Buy: Fitness Bracelet in Smartwatch Optics

Today we have for you a fitness bracelet that bears a certain resemblance to a Smartwatch. The UW1 is especially cheap and waterproof. Interesting features there is the device but also.

Everything included

The UW1 is a Smartwatch which is water resistant and comes with a 0.66-inch OLED screen. This can display 64 × 48 pixels. The integrated chip around which everything revolves, is a NRF51822. Bluetooth 4.0, the device is connected to a Smartphone with Android 4.3 or iOS runs 7 (or each new).

There is of course the possibility to show the time functions. In addition, the pulse rate is measured. The previous steps are counted and monitored the sleep. Who much is sitting, is reminded that he should stand up. In addition, the Smartwatch is waterproof and specified according to IP67. So, it can be used in the shower.

In conjunction with the Smartphone the wearable by vibration can cause, when a call or message arrives. The battery has a capacity of 110 mAh, which is enough according to the manufacturer for a standby time of up to 38 days.

Cheap to have

Who would like to keep so fit, may order the UW1 now. It is currently available discounts at Gearbest . The fitness bracelet costs around 24 euros.