U11 Smartwatch Reviews

After the success of the U8, was of foresee that appeared new models on the market with greater functionality. A few months ago have in the market the U11, independent older brother uwatch.

In the Smartwatch U11 can find the same features that in the U8, but also have some advantages respect to the model above. Its design is very similar to previous versions although this time we can buy it in black, grey and silver.

Its screen is much better, since it is still touch and has a resolution of 320 x 320 HD, 1, 59″. The battery also has one greater autonomy, can get up to 2-3 days without having to make a charge.

The great novelty of this smartwatch Chinese is the possibility of make it autonomous from our phone. The Watch includes an accessory that allows us to add to the back of the clock the SIM card, and make it completely independent to receive and make calls. It is a perfect complement, if we want to make sport and want to leave your phone at home with Apple smart watches on Technology-Wiki.


Screen of 320 x 320 HD.

Card SIM (phone independence)

Compatibility with Android and iOS.

Not so good:

✦ do not has as many features as other watches.

✦ Its price greater than the U8.

The U11 uWatch fixes compatibility issues with iOS devices (7.1.1. or higher), and you can use it for both iPhone and Android (4.2 or higher).

You can buy the Smartwatch U11 guaranteed by Amazon | 74, €20 (free shipping).

Zgpax PW6-B | Watch full ★★★★☆

Clock with Android 4.0 (Play Apps Store) + GPS + wireless + camera + SIM card


If are looking for a watch Chinese that have almost of all, that is the Zgpax PW6-B. A watch with no well-known Android but that can serve us quite useful. Its features major are Watch Android 4.4, 4 GB of Ram, card SIM supported networks 3 G, and with camera.

This smart watch has support in Spanish, and is one of the most complete on the market: camera 2.0 M px, 3G, WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, possibility of adding SIM card.

You can leave your phone at home and go out to do sport, receive and answer calls, and also thanks to its GPS you can see your travels (GPS is not as accurate as of mobile terminals).

The battery according to specifications technical is of 180 hours, although will depend of the activity that have with him.

In final this Watch Android that you will give a complete autonomy, and with possibility of making photographs.


Camera 2.0 M px.

(Independence of phone) SIM card.

WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth.

Not so good:

✦ battery life.

✦ System operating Android 4.0 (somewhat obsolete).

✦ do not have monitor of sleep.

This full Watch Chinese Zgpax PW6-B you can get it at Amazon | 75.00€.