TW Steel Watches for Unisex

All brands start somewhere and thus also for TW Steel (follow abbreviation finder for TW meanings), but since 2005 the brand managed to expand its collection, and today it counts a large number of colorful watches, which one wouldn’t think about the brand just a few years ago, but a clear indication of how the brand develops. Each brand has always their special areas where they manage to stand out from other brands and besides from the natural big watches, and it is the brand’s black wrist that fills the extra require on the popularity scale.

TW Steel Watches

The Dutch brand is particularly known for its enormous commitment in motorsport areas, and the sponsorships to special Lotus and Renault from Formula 1 world should be highlighted. The exposure has also thrown sponsorships to personalities such as Bridgat, Kelly Rowland, David Coulthard, Mick Doohan, Mitchell Niemeyer and Dario Franchitti.

The bold watches from TW Steel are known for their two small dots on the one hand and often on the strap. The two dots are still highlighting the history that TW Steel wants to tell their customers. The dots are there to symbolize the combination of Japanese and Swiss timepieces.