Top Rated Smart Watches

Smart watches stopped being a curiosity in the technology marketplace. While still have to go a long way, options already have tools to satisfy a user segment. For mobile phone notifications, or monitoring physical activity, the fact is that already carry smartwatches sold worldwide about 78 million units worldwide in 2015, according to an IDC report.

This ranking highlights Fitbit (especially in the area of sports bracelets) and Apple with its Watch , but many other manufacturers competing to find their place in this segment, each with its own recipe. On the side of Huawei and Motorola is betting on Android Wear, Google’s operating system for wearable devices. The differentiation of each of the manufacturers is in customizing performance, optimizing their internal components to maximize the battery life (one of the weakest points wearables) and design.

Thus, the use of an Android Wear device unlike vintage watches described by Pauldigo tends to be intuitive beyond its maker, although his gestures require little prior learning.


We tried two smart watches that are already available on the market, such as the Samsung Gear S2 and Moto 360 Motorola Sport , while the third, the Huawei Watchwill arrive sometime in the second half of the year, according to its manufacturer.


The Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch S2 Classic is a model that stands out the rest of proposals both its platform and its design. At first glance its circular, used for quick access to applications watch if a clockwise rotation is performed, while the opposite movement used to display notifications on the screen bezel is highlighted.

This system is accompanied by two side buttons on the right side, the top serves to return to the previous menu, while the bottom is used to access all applications on the clock. They joined the touch screen, there are many options to interact with the S2 Gear Classic, and sometimes this flexibility was noted redundant for certain actions.

The S2 Gear Classic evaluated is the model with black leather strap with a 1.2 inch screen sAMOLED and a resolution of 360 by 360 inches. It is one of its highlights, with excellent visibility in sunlight.