Tim Cook Confirmed That Apple Watch Will Be Available in April

If Apple financial results during the first quarter of 2015 and 74.5 million iPhones sold in the last three months say you not much, I think I have something that Yes will attract your attention. Tim Cook has announced during the Conference to the shareholders that Apple Watch will launch next month of April.

April, just a year after my partner Pedro Aznar imagine could be a device that even we knew nothing and that, although we now know much better, it remains quite a few unknowns. Since its launch last September we have analyzed every detail, but the final test will come in less than three months When you finally have it in our dolls and we can try to calculate its real impact on the market and our lives.

How long take distribute in our country? At what price? Have the developers done your homework? And Apple? We will keep us near an outlet or enjoy sufficient autonomy to accompany us throughout the day? 2015 promises to be a fabulous year in the Apple world. We look forward to join us and wondeful again on this trip.