This Is What Contains The Application to Manage Apple Watch from The IPhone

2015 is the year where we will learn about a new range of products at Apple with the launch of the Apple Watch, clock from Cupertino have planned as its entry to the world of the wearables, and therefore in the coming days will be to details that will give us more information on its operation and operation.

Yesterday with the launch of the fourth beta of iOS 8.2 is precisely as we learned that Apple clock would require a separate application installed on our iPhone from where all or the majority will be managed in the settings and options of the Apple Watch and today the guys from 9to5Mac have had access to a pre-release of the app and this is everything including.

Apple Watch “Companion” app for iPhone

Still need to know if this application It will be integrated by default in iOS 8.2 or you will have to download it from the App Store, What is a fact is that it contains a lot of options that seek to customize the appearance, enabling functions and other so many available in the clock settings.

  • Home screen: The first thing that stands out is that through a virtual screen of the Apple Watch we can organize the distribution of our applications and thus place them according to our needs and tastes.
  • The watch functions: Here you can adjust and enable many of the traditional options of a watch, since show the time in 24 hour format, until information from our iPhone, as a percentage of the load, indicator of notifications to a choice of name “Monogram” that will allow us to put on the clock display up to four letters that could be our initials and thus further customize our device.
  • Messages: We will have the option to write messages programmed either using Dictation to be used as a response to the messages that we received since we remember that Apple Watch does not have a keyboard.
  • Maps: Before you can enable our watch to tell us through vibrations when we have to turn in any street when we are using the step by step directions.
  • Accessibility: Like all Apple devices have several options that we can enable VoiceOver as about what we see on screen, Zoom, reduction of slides in grayscale mode, remove animations and text in bold letters.
  • Security code: If we want to add an additional layer of security to our clock here we activate a four digit code to use the device, code that can be used to make purchases with Apple Pay. We can also enable a just code that will unlock us both the iPhone and the Apple Watch with the option of deleting after 10 failed attempts.
  • Physical activity and health: Remember that Apple Watch is an important part of the implementation of health of iOS, therefore we will find options to bring the daily record of our activity, and can activate alarms in the form of reminders if we remain long time seated, a summary of our physical activity every 4, 6 or 8 hours, goals, or a summary every Monday of all our activity. On the other hand you can choose that the heart rate sensor is enabled at all times to show the calories consumed as well as our movements and steps.
  • Information: Finally, we will see the classical information screen of the device, which will show us from the internal capacity disaggregated stored photos, focused primarily on our favorites, installed applications, serial number of the watch, as well as details of the Bluetooth and WiFi.

Now we know a little more about the interaction between both devices, but mostly some options including the clock, now only we hope to know more data, than surely will they unravel bit by bit until we have it on our wrist.

Finally, we left them with a gallery with all catches of the application Apple Watch “Companion” app for iPhone.

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