This Is The Apple Watch That Hope

It had been warning it for weeks and has become a reality: Apple has given its bombshell announcing a keynote. The announcement comes just before the Mobile World Congress begins, and the event takes place anything after. And while last Congress, sure that come out last-minute rumours. Apple Watch will be on everyone’s lips next week in Barcelona.

Because Yes, the event must necessarily go on Apple Watch if this is sent to the first customers in April. In it we should know already the final release dates, detailed pricing of each range and availability depending on the country. There also may be other developments, but the clock is going to be the center of attention no doubt. We collect everything we have so far to go to good.

Apple Watch: six models and “zillions” belts

Apple Watch will have six different models, divided into three ranges which will have two sizes each. Their belts already have dozens, and will be responsible for every watch that is very different from others:

The model standard, manufactured in stainless steel and with own mid-range watches straps. For the vast majority of people, for a rather general daily use.

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The model Sport, manufactured in anodized aluminium and elastomer strap, which probably will be cheaper and intended for young audiences model or more athlete.

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The model Edition, manufactured in reinforced 18 carat gold and with luxurious leather straps. It will be the most expensive model and its price seems to be prohibitive.

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We do not know whether the smaller size will mean one lower price or if the two measures will cost the same, although it these two sizes are designed for fit better in different types of wrist What do we have. The last detail we know comes from the same mouth of Tim Cook, who, speaking with an employee claimed that there is no problem with showering with it.

Architecture: any computer on our wrist

Apple Watch is an impressive engineering effort. Within that housing and cover carefully to the maximum we have a chip that includes all the necessary components to run the clock, called S1. Covered completely in resin to protect them from external factors, it is accompanied by a Haptic Engine that the attachment will recognize the pressure that we have our finger on the top of the screen to respond with a function or other.

Behind the clock, a squadron of sensors will detect some of our vital signs to integrate with the application of health in iOS 8. These sensors are covered, in addition, with a magnetic charger that it inherits the technology of the present in the MacBook MagSafe. All on a device that does not make the mistake of bulk too as some wearables competition.

Interface and software: a small screen is no problem

And how we can use something as powerful as a computer into something as small as a watch? Then with your fingers, though only aunque solo sera it will be a way to do it. Retina display, with 272 x 340 or 312 x 390 pixels depending on the size of the Watch Apple you choose, will be able to detect our pressure and also will allow sliding fingers as we are used to from the iPhone and iPad.

But the screen touch retina will not be alone: classic wheel of traditional watches is modernized to offer functions zoom and scroll, perfect to not cover the screen with our own fingers. And if it wasn’t enough, Siri will be integrated directly on the clock to dictate text and launch orders with our voice. In fact, Apple has been improving it to make it look like never before taking advantage of this release.

Applications, in addition, gain a more intimate role. It is no longer read information, whether it is not receive or send calls: Apple Watch messaging even be capable of send our own beats or a drawing we can do quickly on the screen. We will be able to customise the faces that we want to send in the form of emoticons.

Sales, new frontiers for Apple strategy

The oldest will remember that Apple was a very different company before the iPhone went on sale. The phone changed everything: stores re-enfocaron, the App Store business flourished, and all the competition was to follow the path they had set in Cupertino.

With Apple Watch it happen the same. No, I lie: is already happening. Internally we have Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry and veteran in the sports world, which is already changing the Apple Store so that they begin to sell a much more personal than any smartphone accessory. Safes, specialized, redistribution of the elements of the store… even the employees are turning to a slightly more formal uniform with a view to sell a product under consideration of luxury.

Apple becomes a simple tech company to plunge into the world of fashion. The clock is already going through the most prestigious magazines in the sector, and even rumored that there will be a strong campaign not in events and venues where they sell electronics but in the nuclei of the fashion world. In fact there have been private events for the tycoons of the fashion in Paris.

Have no doubt: the Apple within three years it will be unrecognizable.

Controversies, weapons and battles for the future: Apple Watch is not perfect

Apple Watch is a product that has already caused a sensation around the world and insurance will generate queue at the Apple Store, but the competition also has its letters prepared to fight against the weaknesses of the clock.

Your battery will be the toughest: We will have to charge it every night. Those of other smartwatches last a little longer, and screen e-ink color of the new Time Pebble that allows the clock to hold an entire week on our wrists has put the climax. Apple Watch has a higher quality screen, consumes more energy.

How to sell a clock with a battery that lasts so little? As already happened with the iPhone, which replaced phone whose battery also lasted six or seven times more: with a range of applications. The App Store has proven to be the factor that has catapulted the iPhone success, and in Cupertino they no doubt that Apple Watch has to comply with the same. They have even worried invite developers to their offices so that they brush up well on your code. Therefore, I hope that Apple Watch will be released with a good initial choice of ready applications.

It is a new product, a new category, which can become the basis of a new source of profit. The next chapter of Apple begins in 10 days. Are you ready?