These Are the Best Diving Watches

More Than 4,300 Participants Have Selected The Best Diving Watches 2017 In Four Price Categories On Watchtime.Net!

These Are the Best Diving Watches informs you about the latest mechanical diving watches of the season in the diving watch special . In this context, we called for the choice of the best diving watches. For the 41 presented diving watches, the vote could be given in the categories up to 1,000 euros, 1,001 to 2,500 euros, 2,501 to 5,000 euros and from 5,001 euros. The diving watches, which you have selected in the respective category on the victory stage, introduces

The Best Diving Watches 2017-Category Up To 1.000 Euro:

According to palmyrachic, in the category up to 1.000 Euro, a total of 7 diver apple watches were available – from Briston to Vostok Europe. The first place received so many of the more than 4,300 votes that he received a gold medal at a distance from places two and three.

The Best Diving Watches 2017 – Category 1.001 To 2.500 Euro:

In the category 1.001 to 2.500 Euro were a total of 16 diving watches – from Alpina to Tutima. Also in this category the readers clearly showed who their favorite is. Nevertheless, the second place also achieved much more votes than the third place.

The Best Diving Watches 2017-Category 2.501 To 5.000 Euro:

In the category 2,501 to 5,000 euros were a total of 7 divers watches-from Ballwatch to Visconti. The first place of the more than 4,300 votes is 1,506 votes. The two and three places are good for a surprise; a brand, which was relatively unknown a few years ago, is a great player in the watch world. The motto “real watches for real people” seems to have proven itself.

The Best Diving Watches 2017-Category From 5.001 Euro:

In the category from 5.001 Euro a total of 11 diver watches were available – from Audemars Piguet to Wempe. In the luxury class of diving watches, it has become scarce between place two and three. The controversial opinions at the launch of the winning model did not lead to an abstraction at over 4,300 readers-on the contrary, they selected the model as their favorite of the luxury watch.