The Time of The Apple Watch Do a Challenge or a Mockery to The Industry?

If we are to who ever has crushed us the curiosity about the world of watches (or have a friend watchmaker who told him us) know that when the models are exposed to the public always are made by putting the needles in a certain way, more specifically in the 10:10:30 (with the second hand in the number six). Done, in needle models clear is, to achieve a symmetrical view of the model and correctly show the logo of the clock, which is normally located underneath the number 12.

In this topic, Apple has gone one step further with the launch of the Apple Watch which is It has become the time the Apple Watch at 10:09:30, as a message saying that the Apple Watch is ahead on the left to all existing watches. This fact, as everything at Apple, is done on purpose because that just look at all the models of the Apple Watch to give us account that even the taught with digital facewatch have that hour.

But he has not only done with Apple Watch, 6 iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus also keep a meaning with your time do you know what?

The 9:41 It is the official time in which Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone and it is normally the time in which occurred the great products because, as we already told you long ago, from Cupertino never leave anything to chance and tend to calculate large ads (at least the first) to arrive always 40 minutes after having begun the presentation.

The time of the iPhone are a tribute but what about that of the Apple Watch? A challenge? A mockery? A simple anecdote? What do you think?