The Smartwatch Iwatch From Apple

It is almost two years that the rumors surrounding the Iwatch (smart watch from Apple) stop talking to her. Some note on the watch of the Lockness.

To start the first rumors indicated that the watch was supposed to come out in 2013. Forced to note that this was not the case. The latest rumor in date assumes that the Apple of the month of June conference (2014) will present it to the eyes of the world to get her out next September. These are assumptions, however this would be a common strategy for Apple to announce a product before the holiday to attack back and explode sales at Christmas.

According to analyst Brian Blair (member of the Bestitude) who would have very reliable sources in Apple production chains, the smart watch of Apple would be round and there will be 2 versions of shows: one for woman, another for man.

What Would Be the Use?

According to other Apple Rumors would seek to work with the community of medicine for the development of this watch Iwatch and start with a market found only in the United States. What would an advantageous co-production for the Apple company.

What to Do For the “Apple Addict”?

It’s very simple, an Italian company to listened to your prayers and have fulfilled them (well not quite) by creating theI m Watch ! It’s a watch that the features that you could expect from the Iwatch, only a certain number of flats exist. To start its price 249 euros, which is not nothing, then the touch screen is fluid but not very responsive and the configuration is very long and complicated. Autonomy is very limited (not more than one day). And above all the quality of calls sound makes inaudible conversations.

At the moment the Iwatch does not show the tip of his nose and i’m Watch test even if it is not conclusive at the quality level shows that this watch to a great chance to be a gadget.