The Most Wanted Smartwatches

2016 was not a particularly rich year in launching new smartwatches, yet many were the brands that stood out and many were the equipment that received the preference of users throughout the year.

Last December, with the Christmas gifts choices, these gadgets had a greater demand and today we give you to know the 5 smartwaches most searched online by the Portuguese.

For the elaboration of this top, we counted, once again, with the help of the price comparison KuantoKusta. These were, during the month of December, the 5 most searched smartwatches in the comparator by the Portuguese, most likely looking for the ideal Christmas present.


Of all the options, this one is more modest, as much in terms of price, as in terms of specifications. It receives notifications of the smartphone, allows to read SMSs and to take calls, has pedometer and alarm clock and the connection is made via Bluetooth. This watch can be purchased in national stores starting at € 19.95.


Although the U8 is in first place, the Samsung Gear S3 in its different versions was the most searched of the 5, however, given the differences in design we wanted to make this distinction.

The Samsung Gear S3 Classic presents itself as the second most sought-after smartwatch during the month of December. This is one of the best smartwatches on the market and honors the minimalist and elegant style that distinguishes the most iconic watches. The Classic model was designed with a particular attention to detail – with its size and shape being worked to achieve the same consistency and balance that exists in a luxury watch.

Its price of this smartwatch is about € 470, and offers features such as IP68 water resistance certification, Corning® Gorilla® Glass SR + protection specially designed for wearable equipment, allows to make payments through Samsung Pay, using NFC, and Still comes with integrated GPS.


The DZ09 allows the inclusion of a SIM card and a micro SD card, which makes it a true Android wrist. Its price is also quite affordable, being available for less than € 30. This smart watch also allows you to monitor a range of daily activities, from the steps you take to the hours you sleep, and still capture photos.


This is then the second most sought-after Samsung model that shares the key features with the S3 Classic Gear.However, the design is more sporty and includes LTE connectivity, making it more independent of the smartphone. The base price is the same as Classic, about € 470.


Finally, in fifth place of the proposals most searched in the month of December in the national market, is Huawei Watch. This is not a recent proposal, it was already launched in 2015, but the fact of being in this top 5 reveals well its quality.

This smartwatch is available at from € 290 and you can read the full analysis we have made here.