The Interface of The Apple Watch as The Future of IOS, This Concept Aims to

Since its launch, Apple Watch has monopolized much of the comments, in part because There are still many unknowns with respect to its performance, autonomy, operation and overall appearance within our day to day, is how we’ve seen concepts that envision applications more popular running on Apple Watch, as well as an interesting reflection of Miguel Lopez about what you would like to see in the future, this derived from the new device.

But without a doubt one of the most attractive aspects of the Apple Watch has been operation and distribution of its interface, which is something entirely new in Apple and that has made some analysts imagine that interface adapted to the devices iOS, specifically on an iPhone, which is undoubtedly more interesting.

Giving new life to the iOS interface

The circular interface with that design that makes us reach applications would be great on an iPhone, since We could use it with one hand No matter the size interaction that we would provide would be extremely intuitive, and it is that the traditional square grid has found in the growth of the screens on your worst enemy, even with the solution that Apple has implemented to solve the problem.

Now, thanks to that concept that we met last week is how the developer Lucas Menge has brought it to reality simulating the operation of this interface on an iPhone, where can we see how easy that is to use it, but on how attractive that looks.

With this, we would undoubtedly be one of the biggest advances within iOS, and square grid interface has been the basis for several items in operating systems. But enough of words, is time that see in the following video the operation of the interface of the Apple Watch on an iPhone.

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