The Greenest Smartwatch in the World

Never recharge the battery: this is what the Matrix PowerWatch promises. The innovative watch takes the energy for the battery from the body’s warmth. The watch will be available from September.

Smartwatch Innovation From The USA: Matrix Powerwatch

The weak point of many Smartwatches is the short battery life. Even the best five devices of our leaderboard do not create a two-day running time in the battery pack. The American company Matrix Industries wants to solve this problem and developed a Smartwatch, which is operated with the help of the body’s warmth. The display also shows how much power the user of the clock has generated. We find: That’s pretty cool.

Technology Of The Matrix Smartwatch: NASA Makes It Happen

The Matrix PowerWatch uses thermoelectric technology. This converts heat into electricity. This is how Matrix Industries manages to produce energy from the body. This technology also used NASA to drive the spacecraft Voyager and the Mars-Rover Curiosity.

In retirement, according to Matrix Industries CEO Akram Boukai, the human body releases 100 watts of energy, which corresponds to the heat radiation of a incandescent incandescent bulb. As soon as a person moves, however, sports drives, this number can rise up to 1 kilowatt. The watch is powered with this energy and is therefore suitable for athletes. As long as she is on the wrist, the clock runs. If the carrier takes them off, it saves the previous data and enters the sleep mode.

Trackt Strom, Schritte Und Schlaf: The Functions Of The Matrix Smartwatch

Besides the termoelectric technology, according to the manufacturer, the watch contains a calorie and a step counter . Due to the tight sealing of the housing, the watch is waterproof up to 50 meters. In addition, the Matrix PowerWatch analyzes your sleep and saves the data in the app. In this, you can also adjust the display and change it to your taste. The watch works with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy and is compatible with Android phones with the version Jellybean 4.3. Apple products can also connect to the Matrix Smartwatch: According to Matrix Industries, the iPhone 4S and iOS 7 are compatible with the clock.

Tested Smartwatches: The Battery-Powered Runner Of The Best

The Matrix PowerWatch comes in September 2017, according to the website Ehistorylib. You can now pre-order it on Indiegogo from 139 USD. This corresponds to a price of about 124 euros. If you do not want to wait so long: In our list, we have tested all Smartwatches on battery life. Here you see the watches with the longest battery life.