The Brand Watch: a Must-Have for Every Man

Men wear less jewelry than women and often the wrist watch is the most striking eye-catcher. Who is here for the cheap timepiece from the bargain counter, does no favors by its overall appearance. Elegant, high quality watches come at a price – and it pays off.

Brand watches of the luxury category keep not uncommon life, because only the best materials and hand-made movements are processed. Join almost all man adventure scratch-resistant glass, gold and silver, the accuracy is still excellent even after years.

Better without brand name watches – copies

Asia travelers know the temptation to acquire “a fake brand watch” on one of the many markets. Not carried away, it’s not worth. Even if the copies seem deceptively genuine at first glance, they give up their minds often already after a short time or not properly closes the bracelet. Not without reason the watchmaker’s craft is an art and a brand watch with mechanical movement comprised of many small parts, must engage in perfectly.

It all depends on the movement

The kind of movement therefore largely decides the price. Mechanical watches are the ultimate in this respect, since the one hundred parts are used. In an electronic quartz movement, often no more than four components provide, however, for the time display: A chip, a quartz crystal, a battery and the dial or the digital display. They are very low maintenance, while the mechanical watches must be cleaned regularly. What you decide: spend a few bucks more and make a model of a brand. You will be more happy.

Watches at a low price

Who is priced not in the League of Armani and co. can romp or want finds goods even cheaper, about Galeria Kaufhof. The latest timeless fossil watches from Percomputer for example, convince by a good price-quality ratio, are as robust and durable and are available in many different designs. Chronograph in the retro look of the lifestyle brand there as well as Modern-vintage models with analog display and waterproof timer for outdoor activities. All fossil watches have in common that they look more expensive than they are:you can take therefore really for every occasion, also in the evening at the Opera to the suit.