The Best Chinese Watches of 2016

An of the options when we want to buy a Smartwatch or watch android, is trying to find a device with a price cheap. Buy a Chinese watch can be a fantastic option, provided you know that type of device you are taking home. Then you are going to make a list of the best watches Chinese for this year.

The Smartphones or Chinese phones a few years ago were a choice bit desired, seeking the option of purchasing a phone from any of the various Chinese brands was regarded as someone who was making a serious mistake.

Bet by a watch Chinese has reasons are different: because want to know of that van this of them watches smart, want to make a gift, or wish save us some money.

I tell you if you have any reluctance by this type of device: some time ago made the decision to buy a Smartphone THL (Chinese brand) and it lasted me about 2 years, until I lost it. It’s still superb after that time and did not have any problem until its demise.

Some Chinese manufacturers as Zopo Mobile, telephone, Xiaomi, etc, they are integrating firmly in our market, and no one doubts the guarantee and quality of its products. Currently I’m still betting on a Chinese phone, and my current mobile model is a Xiaomi Mi4 C.

For this reason, we suggest you some models the best Chinese watches that you can find on the market at the best price.

  Smartwatch Compatibility Price
  Watch U8 -Support Android 2.3 or + e
-Hands free
18,90€ offer
  N1 G2 -Compatible Android and iOS.
-Bluetooth 4.0
  Watch Aplus -Compatible Android – iOS – Samsung.
-Bluetooth 4.0
  NO.1 G3 /
-Compatible Android/iOS/Samsung.
-Circular 1.3 p
-Card SIM.
-Heart rate monitor.
-SD memory card up to 16GB.
-Clone Samsung S2.
  Smartwatch Excelvan U11 -Good price.
-Hands free.
-Card SIM.
-Compatible iOs, Android, Samsung
  Zgpax PW6-B -Clock 4.4 Android
-WiFi, GPS
– Camera 2.0.
-(Hands-free) SIM card.

But go to the best watches Chinese that is what we are interested in. Ehese devices are passing by the same evolution that the Smartphones.

Every day they are appearing new Chinese watch models, of which must distinguish “the wheat from the chaff”. Have the obligation of making an article with them best Smartwatch Chinese that can buy in the market. Of some of them already have carried out an analysis as of the Smartwatch U8, Smartwatch U10, of the Aplus Watch, or the recent U11.

Selection of the best smartwatch Chinese that you can find today. If you’re a supporter of Apple invite you to to read the article on Apple Watch clones that are appearing on the market, Apple clock creates as much excitement as your phone.

As always the decision final will depend of you and of your needs at the time of choosing a Watch Chinese.