Telecom Qivicon: Offline, Sonos, Smartwatch and More Announced

Mobile operator smart home Qivicon should get with the next updates long-awaited features. About a local mode is one of the new features – so no connection to the Internet is necessary to operate the smart home.
Currently running the complete communication with the Qivicon about the Telecom server. If you want be smart home of control on the road, is the easiest sense and for most users. Finally the input of the Bentuzernamens and the password is enough here are able to connect. Do I use the Qivicon but at home, the connection to the server is an unnecessary detour, which costs only time. This conclusion is to be in the future: the Telecom has announced one of the next updates to integrate with a home network mode, so that you may control the headquarters even without Internet connection. Especially the advantage is, that theQivicon-smart-home reacts much faster.

But also the end of or at least a change in the subscription could mean local mode: If the service runs not more forcibly about the Telecom server, you could use for the on the go also easy VPN remote to speak directly to the Central Office. As Telekom has announced no details yet but that is only speculation.

Qivicon with Sonos support

The other new features are an integration of the Sonos loudspeaker, advanced time control (Astro function, Sunrise and sunset), as well as improved support of OSRAM Lightify. Also the user can control smart home in the future with the Samsung gear 2. It is still unclear when the features are integrated exactly according to The Telecom talks only of “Spring”.
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