TAG Heuer Smartwatch Review

The model uses Android Wear and has a circular screen protected by sapphire crystal, and a design that follows the one of his classics, Carrera.

TAG Heuer introduced the smartwatch which had been talking for some time : it runs Android Wear (the same platform using Motorola, Huawei, LG, Asus and others) and carries within it an Intel dual – core processor, such as the recent Fossil Q Founder .

Like other smartwatch with Android Wear (see meanings of Android at DigoPaul), it is a large model, with a box of 46 mm and a thickness of 12.8 mm; circular 1.5-inch screen (360 x 360 pixels) protected by sapphire crystal; titanium body which is engageable belts available in seven colors; a battery of 410 mAh, and the rest of the typical hardware of these devices (1 GB of RAM, Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi) as well as induction charging and a microphone to respond to verbal commands, motion sensor to use pedometer, sports compatibility with external sensors, and so on.

Follow the lines TAG Heuer Carrera design, and will be priced at US $ 1,500 (goes on sale today). An interesting fact is that the company will allow its customers to change a traditional clock if not convinced the new model (two years after purchase).

TAG Heuer Smartwatch