Super Bargain: Sony Smartwatch 3 Sau – Cheap

Smartwatch buyers beware – slamming worth:the Sony Smartwatch 3 there to Pixmania now on sale significantly reduced. So the good piece will now only cost 139 Euro instead of just under 160 euros. With this prize, our former winner beats almost the entire competition. We clarify hereinafter briefly, which features 3 Super Watch 2.0 make the Sony Smartwatch.

Sony Smartwatch 3:Günstig kaufen im Schlussverkauf

Bevor es die große Apple Watch auf Platz 1 der Bestenliste did trohnte long the Sony Smartwatch 3 1st place – and rightly so. As one of the few Smartwatches provides the SWR50 also a Wi-Fi interface and is thus fit for the future synchronize without Smartphone. GPS is also on board with NFC easily pair the Smartwatch 3 with your phone. The IP68 certification ensures that you do not worry about water damage.

Sony Smartwatch 3:Transflective Display saves battery

The 1.6-inch screen comes with a special feature – it is a transflective LCD, which reflects sunlight so in stand by mode, that you can read the time yet. It can save electricity, especially in combination with the brightness sensor. In the test, we come to a good battery life of 19 hours despite constant load. The performance of the watch is fun. Connect the gadget can be with all smart phones from Android 4.3.

Cheap Smartwatch for iPhone

Those seeking a Smartwatch, which also connect to the iPhone that only the expensive Apple Watch – remains Setu. CHIP has viewed cheap watches can be connected also with the iPhone. To what extent they are recommended, we have comprehensively in one own articles worked out.  (dps)