Starting with Android Wear

Starting with Android Wear.

Nothing more than to turn our Smartwatch, will appear to us a notice of the first step that we must perform to configure Android Wear, this step is: Install Android Wear on your Smartphone.

This will be our first step to have a proper operation, download Android Wear on your phone free (requirements Android 4.3 or higher). Then have that link our clock smart to the phone, for this activate the bluetooth of both devices, link and starts the synchronization between them.

The app for Android Wear that we have installed in our Smartphone, not only serves to synchronize our devices, but it also gives us the possibility to perform various operations management and configuration of our Android watch. From this the phone application can change the “look and feel” of our Smarwatch (change WatchFace), as well as manage applications. We can even see our smart clock, and thus battery consumption to know in detail the management of consumption.

Interface of the user

If you’ve seen the Google Nowcards, you will see that the Android Wear system is very similar to interact with it. We can go seeing them different cards that will be displaced with our finger on the screen.

We will have to Activate Google Now on our phone, as well as configure our language “Spanish”.

Android updates Wear

The latest update of Android Wear is the 1.4 in February 2016. If you have a watch with A.W you should have version 1.5, which brings some security patches for the smartwatch.

The innovations that provided us with the 1.4 version are as follows:

Voice commands: Press “OK Google” and saying the message that you want to say “see you at 6 o’clock”. Very useful to answer the notifications of your applications like Whatsapp, Hangout, Facebot Messenger, etc.

Perform and hear calls: If your clock has a speaker, you can listen to calls on it (as long as you have it synced to your phone).

Activate your watch with a twist of wrist: The clock can be turned off, and activate it with a simple gesture with your wrist (clocks with sensor).

Update: The next big update will be Android Wear 2.0, with quite a few new features. Not all the smartwatch will receive the update, the list of watches still is is updating, and are several which is will be out of this update.

Frequently asked questions about Android Wear or FaQ´s

  • I have to download me them applications to my clock smart?

Not, not have to install the applications in your clock smart. The applications will work from your phone automatically with Android Wear. Update: With Android Wear 2.0 if you can install directly apps to your watch.

  • What I have that install in my phone to run Android Wear?

So only you must of install Android Wear on your phone and configure it with your Watch Android. Some manufacturers have different characteristics depending on the device model.

  • What phones work with Android Wear?

You will need a phone mobile with Android 4.3 or versions above and that support Bluetooth. If you want to know if your Smartphone or phone is compatible with Android Wear, enters this link from the same.

  • Watch I will speak or make some sound.

There are users who will take this question… The most of watches smart not carry speakers, by which not emit any sound. Them notifications them will notice with the vibration of the watch, these notifications them can configure in Android Wear (depends on of the model of clock and its features).
Update: With 2.0 if you can make and answer calls whenever your smartwatch have the functionality.

  • I need a phone to use my watch smart?

The majority of models of watches with Android Wear will need to be synchronized to a phone or tablet to use it most of functions of Android Wear. Also connected to these devices you will be easier the configuration.

  • I access to internet in my phone?

If what you like is navigate by pages webs, by now, not ; If it supports Android Wear 2.0 (connectivity Wi-Fi) If you can.

  • Can I write in my smart watch?

For now, although if you can dictate in many models what’s currently on the market. AW 2.0 if you can.

  • You can synchronize to a tablet?

Yes, but it is advisable to pair it with a mobile phone.


It is still early to know the future of Android Wear a S.O. in growth. Google is betting strong by this system operating and is “convincing” to different manufacturers so that it used in its devices.

The good news is that Android Wear will be to stay is during long time. Now, the developers also will have that put his granite of sand and collaborate with applications compatible with them devices wereables (watches smart, bracelets smart, etc).

There is that highlight that in the market currently in addition to Android Wear, we can find with Tizen (S.O. of Samsung), and the S.O. of Apple. In addition, some manufacturers are creating devices compatible with different platforms (Android, iOS, or Windows Phone), this would be the case of the Alcatel One Touch Watch, for example.

As aspect negative highlight that are enough things by polishing, even not are many them applications for Android Wear that we can find. Also there is that highlight that Google goes to have a control more strict about its software and going to be less permissive with his property intellectual of Android Wear. Another aspect to improve, is the consumption of battery of the own device, very related on occasions with the S.O.

News and smart watches that will be upgraded to Android 2.0 Wear.

We hope that if you did the question of “what is Android Wear” it have something more clear with this mini guide on Android Wear.

Surely resolve these issues you can decide at the time of buy a smartwatch or clock Android to other devices.