Sony: Smartwatch Planned with E-Ink Display For 2015

Sony is currently developing a Smartwatch, which consists of a single large E-paper display. This emerges from reports the Insider by Bloomberg. The unusual watch with E-Ink display to come on the market already by 2015, so Bloomberg.

Thanks to the E-paper-surface, the complete clock can including the bracelet show content. Instead of usual switch the Dial as in current Smartwatches, Sony’s clock at your fingertips is can change the appearance of the bracelet. Sony wants to focus with this technology more on design, rather than technology.
The clock is produced in the new development department, which until this year founded Kaz Hirai, CEO of Sony, and which reports directly to him. To bring as quickly as possible – at least much faster usual – on the market promising new products as so far at Sony. The E-paper Smartwatch is one of the first products of this Department and thus something of their litmus test. (nh)