Sony Smartwatch 3: Fitter than the California Competition

Bottom line: The Sony Smartwatch 3 overhauled the entire competition in the test. Consistently high scores in facilities, operation and battery are the reason for this performance. The price is also comparatively moderate far below 200 euros.

Sony SmartWatch 3:Smarter test winner

The Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50 is already the third smart watch by Sony and displays in the test, that is in the Compared to the predecessor a lot has happened. Instead of a proprietary operating system Sony is now how many other manufacturers Android wear. The IP-68-certified and thus in the longer term waterproof watch body can be quickly and easily inserted into a different Bracelet by Sony – you can not use wristbands by third-party, various plastic strips for the clock costs 35 Euro, more bands Metal and leather are in the pipeline, but currently still not available. Succeeded in processing and value, although not as high as in the Apple Watch and ASUS ZenWatch. Well, we like the clasp that holds the watch comfortable on the arm. The weight is 75 grams bracelet included. You can recharge the watch also directly via microUSB cable – a big advantage of compared to other Smartwatches, because you need to take with no charger. The price for the Sony Smartwatch is comparatively low 180 euro, suggested by

Sony SmartWatch 3:Very good facilities

Hardware Sony crush almost all interfaces or sensors in his Smartwatch 3, which can accommodate in a networked wristwatch: compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, light sensor, Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC are on board. Now GPS, the advantage is that you can record past routes with the clock without a Smartphone. The corresponding Sony life log-fitness app visit CHIP download. Also Wi-Fi is unlocked by means of a previously announced Android-wear-updates soon, so that you can retrieve messages without Bluetooth connection to the phone. What we are missing: a heart rate sensor, as well as a barometer. As usual are 4 GB Flash memory on board, which is fill with music or apps.

Sony Smartwatch 3:Transflective Display

The 1.6-inch screen offers a special feature – it is a transflective LCD, which reflects sunlight so in stand by mode, that you can read the time yet. It can save electricity, especially in combination with the brightness sensor. However, is the extremely bright OLED display G watch R for example, better readable.

Sony Smartwatch 3:Solid battery, top performance

The Sony Smartwatch 3 offers the largest battery under the Android wear watches with 420 mAh. Under constant load (watch receives a notification every minute and turn on display, as well as vibration) the power cell lasts but shorter than for example the ASUS ZenWatch with a smaller battery. 19 hours of battery life are currently exactly the average all tested watchesthat is therefore the Smartwatch 3 in midfield. Advantage: with 1:22 hours the watch recharges quite fix your battery. The system speed is class, speed provide a quad ARM A7 chipset and 512 MB RAM. Especially the speech by Android wear works perfectly in the test and fix, navigate through the menus without juddering.

Sony SmartWatch 3:Alternative

Currently, there is not an alternative to this prize with similarly good values. In short, Here we soften on a watch, which is indeed weaker, but for much cheaper. Our choice falls on the only around 90 euro LG G watch. The LG G watch was the first available Smartwatch with Android wear. The display measures 1.65 inches on the diagonal, dissolved but only with 280 x 280 pixels – display content are represented not as pixels free. The Snapdragon of 400 with 1.2 GHz does a good job against it, so liquid as the Sony SmartWatch 3 not running but the LG model. The G watch is also waterproof thanks to IP67 certification. The battery is not as powerful as in the Sony SmartWatch 3, for that you can attach standard watch bands watch at the G.